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English 911 offers learners with an interactive English grammar lesson which focused on descriptive adjectives. There are lessons available that describing about the descriptive adjectives in “Lessons”. “Lesson 1” contain the explanation regarding Descriptive Adjectives which includes the definition, types of Descriptive Adjectives and the example for each. Later, teachers and students can refer to “Lesson 2” that shows on how to make sentences by using this Descriptive Adjectives. Next, they can move on to “Lesson 3” to watch videos related with Descriptive Adjectives. After finish up the lesson part, students are encourage to do the quizzes comprises different types of question by themselves to gain further understanding toward the usage of Descriptive Adjectives in sentences.

This program is specific for intermediate level of primary school student specific for standard 5. It’s not too complicated hence match with this level of students which may gives them a hand on experience to engage with IT in language learning. Hopefully this strategy will attract and courage them to learn English grammar.

The objectives are to encourage the students to learn about descriptive adjectives via blog. In addition, to give them opportunity to execute all the exercises in “Quiz Zone” and experience it by themselves for each students. Consequently to increase their motivation to learn English grammar via online language learning

Teachers can starts the lesson by introduces what are Descriptive Adjectives to the students by referring to lessons that available according to sequence. “Lesson 1” contain the definition of Descriptive Adjectives followed by “Lesson 2” that shows on how to make sentences by using this Descriptive Adjectives and finish up by “Lesson 3” which is contain some interactive videos to watch related with Descriptive Adjectives. Later teacher should ask the students to try all the exercises that available related with Descriptive Adjectives in the “Quiz Zone”. Teacher just has to monitor them throughout the activity because the exercises already prepared the results of each answer which is to indicate whether students answer it correctly or not.

This program is created to encourage and motivate students to learn English grammar by interestingly and effectively. It contains an easy to understand lessons related with Descriptive Adjectives which include the definition and types of Descriptive Adjectives followed by on how to make sentences using Descriptive Adjectives words and lessons supported by some videos related to this subject. In the “Quiz Zone”, learner’s understanding will be tested using numerous types of exercise related with descriptive adjectives which are Multiple Choice Questions, True and False Questions, Matching Exercise, Jumbled up Sentences and Crossword Puzzle which highly involves their critical thinking. This program also are user friendly because all the learning elements are well organize and easy to comprehend by the students. Students will feel more excited to try all the interactive exercises that available because they straight away can know the results of the answer on each question.


Title of lesson Using “English 911” blog to learn about descriptive adjectives
Duration 90 minutes
Theme English Grammar
Topic Descriptive Adjectives
Number of Student 20-25
Type of Students Standard 5 students on English language class
Level of Proficiency Intermediate
Type of school Urban
Language SkillsInvolved 1. Reading (scanning for information)2. Writing3. Vocabulary development
Goal 1. To engage students with online language learning2. To enable students to respond the quizzes after reading the lesson about descriptive adjectives
Learning Outcome At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:1.Develop understanding regarding      descriptive adjectives2. Doing all the exercises by 

3.Reinforcing vocabulary

Instructional Procedure:




9.00 am

Lecture by teacher  

  • Teacher explaining today’s lesson which is about descriptive adjectives by referring to the blog’s “Lesson 1”.
  • After that, teacher has to refer the “Lesson 2” which shows on how to make sentences comprises the descriptive adjectives.


To introduce and starts lesson regarding descriptive adjectives

9.20 am

Doing Exercises in Quiz Zone  

  • Teacher asked students to do all the exercises in the “Quiz Zone”.
  • Teacher have to explain first what are the exercises which start from Mutiple Choice, followed by True and False, Matching, then Jumble Up Sentences and lastly Crossword Puzzle.
  • When students are hand on doing it, teacher walk around to guide them also to answer any inquiry from the students.

Students doing some activities and questions on “Quiz Zone” as language exercises in order to develop deeper understanding on the usage of descriptive adjectives in sentences. Starts from an easy type of questions followed by much more challenging type of questions.

9.25 am

a)Multiple Choice Questions

  • Consist of a passage that contains descriptive adjectives words. Students have to choose the correct answer for each question.


To test their understanding after reading the passage

9.35 am

b) True and False Questions

  • The question consists of a statement based on the passage. Hence, the students must choose whether the statement is right or wrong.


To test them weather they alert with the details of the passage or not.

9.40 am

c) Matching Exercise  

  • Students need to match items in the 1st column (descriptive adjectives words) with those in the 2nd column (the definition or explanation of the words)

Meant for vocabulary development where the students have to match the words with the definition

10.50 am

d) Jumbled up Sentences  

  • Students require arranging jumbled words into phrases or sentences. There are 5 sentences that need to be arrange

To make them aware with the right arrangement of words within sentences

11.00 am

e) Crossword Puzzle  

  • Students have to fill in the blanks to complete the crossword puzzle

Trigger the student’s critical thinking to think what are the correct words for each question that have relation with other question.

11.30 am

Conclusion and the end  

  • Teacher announces to stop the activity.
  • The teacher wrap up what are they had learned during the activity.
  • If the students not have enough time to execute all the exercises, they can continue doing it at home.

To clarify what’s they had learn during the lesson

The activity can be continue at home

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    I like you blogroll…..congrats. actually, you can put these links in your own post under a category “Links”.

    You can list them, provide a brief description of each link or site.

  2. utningles says:

    I am a teacher of EFL and – looking for an animated avatar for my own blog – I’ve come across your nice blog! I really like it. By the way, I’m NOT going to use your animated teacher at the top, but I may borrow some ideas regarding the organization. Warm regards. Mónica

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