Lesson 1

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Dear learners,

This page introduces you to the meaning of descriptive adjectives in English and supported by some examples related to each types of the adjectives. In addition, it’s offers some examples on how to use it in sentences. Furthermore, some videos was prepared for you to develop more understanding related to this topic.

Therefore, once you finish reading this lesson, you can move to Lesson 2 and later Lesson 3.

All the best and enjoy learning!


Lesson 2

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Now, let’s see some examples on how to apply the each type of descriptive adjectives in sentences

Lesson 3

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Let’s watch the interesting videos below. While watching, try to relate with what we had learned in

Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.

So fascinating!


Good job friends! We have finished all the lessons related with descriptive adjectives. I hope you can understand on how to identify the descriptive adjectives vocabulary and able to apply it in the sentences.  Ok! In order to further understand, lets challenge yourself by doing the quizzes related to descriptive adjectives in the next post.

Quiz Zone

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Hye friends! Let’s doing some exercises related with Descriptive Adjectives….

Please don’t give up and keep trying ya! Have fun!

Based on the passage below answer the questions carefully

The four friends, Azhar, Saiful, Rama and Ah Ting looked forward to their school holidays. This was the right time for them to try live the adventures that they always dreamt about. Their adventures always had a jungle setting. They explored the forest, discovered hidden treasures, and trapped big animals, almost barehanded. They never carried any weapons with them.

The boys loved to visit one particular place. This was a nature park and it was about twenty-five kilometers from their homes. They enjoyed cycling to this place. The park led to a jungle. Heavy rainfall and plenty of sunshine made the trees, creepers, thorns and wild flowers grow well. They can hear the fresh, cool river calling their name. Days on end and they would swim carelessly in the glimmering water. Here, they could enjoy the real beauty of nature. Animals were as free as birds! The sky filled with bright, twinkling stars. It almost looked as if someone spilled a container of glitter in the sky. The campfire would blaze, warming the cool summer air. They could feel the heat touching their face and the campfire smoke almost perfumed their clothes. They would cook hot dogs hamburgers, seafood and corn.

Towards the end of the term, the boys decided to visit the park again. Keeping the memories of the dazzling river, crisp earth, twinkling stars, and sweet smells of campfire food. Having a ripping feeling of sadness, they leave with a smile on their face, knowing they’d be back for the next school holidays.


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Click the list of choices below to try the exercises :

Mix-up A

Mix-up B


Mix-up C


Mix-up D


Mix-up E



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Click  here to try the exercise

Well done friends! You are successfully finish up the lessons and exercises. Hopefully you had developed the understanding related with descriptive adjectives.


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There are numerous of English learning websites that’s available in the web. Not only web, you also can refer to blogs that available in order to search any information. Most of the web and blogs are user friendly and the lesson are easy to understand. Besides that you can post any question to the admin and also to share any opinion. So, let’s surf the websites!

This sites contain lots of information related to English learning. You can click to “Grammar Topic” and choose “Adjectives” for extra reading related with this program. There are also other grammar topic available. In addition, you can do the tests and quizzes. Furthermore, you can mail any inquiry that is related to the admin. How informative and useful!

Various useful application can be fully utilize by learners in this blog. You can click to “Grammar” if you would like to further study about descriptive adjectives or other grammar elements too. In addition, there are idioms, proverb and quotes, vocabulary and even jokes and fun!

This blog emphasize on learning English language through pictures. This blog is useful because learner able to describe pictures using what they  had learn through the program (Lessons and Quizzes related with Descriptive Adjectives). The specialty is  learner or any user who are interested can compose short essays about any of the pictures that will be post by the blog’s admin and email it to them and they will publish the essays in that blog. So fun!

This blog allows you to find teachers that you like! Firstly, you have to log in and after that able to use all the application available. In “Find Teachers”, you can pick any topic post by various teachers and learn. Other than that, you can create your own account in the web. . This web also can connect with Facebook!  How easy!


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